Season 7 & Season 8 Idol Fanfiction Big Bang Challenge!

Final Mod Post
Bitter Old Fan Queen
OKAY. Here is the deal. idol_bigbang is not going to happen. And you know why it's not going to happen?

Not a single one of you turned in a draft. Not one. We have a total of two fics, both from people who turned them in before the 15th.

I'm gonna admit it right here, I'm really disappointed in you guys. We didn't get a single story, not one.

We had fifty-two sign-ups. Fifty people who just did not care about all the time, work, and stress that we (mostly celtic_cookie) went through trying to get all of this together.

A few people left comments saying they couldn't finish, and we appreciate those, but for the most part people signed up and then did not seem to care enough to even let us know not to wait for a draft from them.

I understand not finishing a fic, and I don't begrudge anyone who didn't finish, because I know it's hard. I just feel like more of you could have maybe dropped a comment or sent an email saying you weren't gonna finish.

But you didn't. And I find that disappointing.

I do hope that everyone who has started their fics finishes them at some point, because I would be interested in reading them.

Artist Claiming Poll
killjoys: shades (PP and KK)

Here is the promised poll regarding when you would like to claim your fics. At this point, we have one more artist than we do fics, so we have a lot of room to maneuver. As long as all fics receive art, you may do art for as many fics as you like, from just one to all twelve. So think about that while you think about this:

Poll #1504853 Claiming Post

When whould you like the artist claiming post to go up?

Dec. 31 (ASAP!)
January 3
January 15
Some other time I will explain in the comments

Here's how we're going to work it: The post will go up at a certain time on the chosen date. Claiming will be first-come first served. If you would like to do art for more than one fic, please list your choices in order of preference. Once every fic has an assigned artist, I will give out second and third choices, based on the order you gave me!

Weigh in, guys!

Okay guys, I'm in crunch time.
killjoys: shades (PP and KK)
It is 3:50 EST and I have four fics submitted. I don't know if it's finishing the fics that's the problem or what. But here's what we're going to do:

We are extending the draft deadline until January 15

That's the draft deadline only. I still need the required header information, found here so that I can still assemble a list for artist claiming and set up the posting dates. What this means is that I am not requiring that you attach a draft of 20,000 words or more to the email submission. That will be due on January 15, 2010. I hope this will allow some of you who have been unable to finish your fics to do so, and remember, that is a first draft only. Posting dates will still be in February, and that's when you will post your final draft. Please have the header information in to by 12am on the 24th. That's Christmas Eve night. We'll take a break for Christmas, and I'll poll the artists to find out when they would like to have claiming.

If that date still will not work for you, please let me know in a comment to this post so I can update my author list. Thank you very much to those of you who've already sent your drafts in. You will not be required to submit a new draft on January 15, unless you'd like to.

This means that artist claiming is pushed back, which also means artist sign-ups are still open. Tell all your friends, and we'll have a poll up shortly to find out when a round of artist claiming for fics would be best for you guys.

I hope this is good news for you guys! Thanks very much for being such a great bunch of authors to work with, you've all given me great feedback throughout the whole process. And thanks for being patient with two people running their first Big Bang Challenge!

Bitter Old Fan Queen
That's right, it's the bitchy mod speaking.

Writers' first drafts are due.
What this means is that we should have emails from you guys with your fics, as well as all the info listed here to

You have until 4pm EST tomorrow to turn in your fics.
We understand some people are coming back from weekend things so we're gonna accept fics until an hour before the claiming post goes live.

This does not mean you will wait until the last minute. We want our fics dudes, and we want them soon.
You guys are killing my Katemonster because she keeps obsessively checking the Gmail while trying to watch things, and if she dies then I'm gonna have to kill you guys, and then all that awesome fic won't get posted and it'll suck. Also, I'll probably go to prison so that wouldn't rock much either.

Your Mods Have Spoken.Collapse )

(P.S. When addressed or referred to in the comments I prefer Your Supreme Ruler, Her Majesty, Clex. Or, alternatively, That Insane Bitch.)

Today's the day!
killjoys: shades (PP and KK)
Happy Holidays, writers! Today's the day! It's Rex Manning Day! ...I mean, Deadline Day. Don't forget to look over the submission guidelines and email the draft of your fic to Posting dates are currently being shuffled and assigned. (It's kind of fun, like a puzzle!) If you would like to request a posting date towards the end or the beginning, whatever, feel free to do so in your e-mail or contact me through LJ, in any way.

Artists! Artist sign-ups will close tonight at 12 midnight EST, and I truly hope I can con a few of my friends into signing up before we close them. ;) The Artist's Claiming Post will go up tomorrow at 5pm EST. At this time, any artist who is willing to do art for more than one fic, I would appreciate an email, PM or reply to my comment on your sign-up letting me know. Currently we're hovering around fifty fics and ten artists. Hopefully we'll get a few last minute sign-ups but I would still appreciate any help you guys can give me.

Here's how claiming will work:

I'll post the full list of fics, including summaries, to the community at 5pm EST tomorrow. Read over the summaries and pick a fic that moves you, that makes you excited to read it and make things for it. I will monitor the post and cross out fics as they get claimed. Claiming will be first-come-first-served. This is why I picked 5pm EST, hoping that it's not too late in time zones to the east of me and not too early for fans to the west. After everyone has picked their first fic, and if anyone volunteers to do art for more than one, I will post the second round with the remaining fics and so on until we're out of fics or we're all tearing our hair out.

I think that's all for now. I've already got fics coming in, and it is SO EXCITING! Thanks everybody!

Submission Guidelines
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Happy December, writers! I love December. Christmas shopping, good food and tons of fic! Now then, first drafts are due December 20th, so here’s a little reminder about the requirements for the first draft:

It must be 20,000 words.
Further information belowCollapse )

Author List!
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Here we go, I finally managed to get this together. Under the cut is the current author list! This includes everyone who signed up here, and everyone who answered "Yes" to the transfer offer at americanbang. It does not include anyone who answered no or didn't answer at all, or the people who've let me know that they have to drop out. (So sad, I miss you guys already!) These are in sign-up order.

List!Collapse )

If you don't see your name but you thought you were/want to participate, please comment here. If you see your name and you would like to let me know you can no longer participate or you thought you weren't (lol it happens), please comment here. If you would like to talk about your posting date, request an earlier or later one, whatever, feel free to do that here as well!


It's November! Do You Know Where Your Fic Is?
killjoys: shades (PP and KK)
Well, hey writers and artists! I've had very little to say about the challenge for a little while here, mostly because y'all should be writing. ;)

Just wanted to send a gentle reminder to writers that the deadline for first draft submissions is December 20th (which is about a month and a half away!) and that you're welcome and encouraged to continue to add to and edit your fics after that right up until your posting day, which will be sometime in February. I'm already trying to work out the posting schedule, and I'll announce that after artist claiming.

Which leads me right into art! Artists, thank you SO MUCH for signing up to dedicate time and talent to these amazing writers! We have a few sign-ups and I'm going to be advertising a few places in the next few days, since artist sign-ups don't close until Deadline Day (December 20th, again). There are a couple of you who mentioned doing fanmixes, but maybe aren't interested in doing cover art for them for whatever reason. I just wanted to throw this out there: If you're creating a fanmix for your author but you don't want to/can't make cover art, but you WANT cover art, please come to me. PM me or email me at (that's my personal email, not the idolbigbang mod email), and I am totally willing and happy to do some for you!

Keep an eye on the comm, get to writing, and if you have any questions, feel free to pm me or comment to this post!

Writer Sign-Ups Are Now Closed!
killjoys: shades (PP and KK)
I'm actually a little late, oops. But writer sign-ups are now closed! Artist sign ups remain open until December 20th!

Get writing, guys, and make sure you watch this comm for updates with artist claiming information and posting guidelines!

Last Reminder!
killjoys: shades (PP and KK)
Don't forget guys! Sign-ups close tonight at midnight, Eastern Standard!


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